Organizačná štruktúra

The Institute of Experimental Pharmacology & Toxicology has 5 departments:

Biochemical Pharmacology

Head: RNDr. Magdaléna Májeková, PhD.

Pharmacology of Inflammation

Head: PharmDr. Katarína Bauerová, DrSc.

Tissue Cultures and Biochemical Engineering

Head: Ing. Lucia Račková, PhD. 

Cellular Pharmacology and Developmental Toxicology 

Head: RNDr. Michal Dubovický, PhD.

Toxicology and Laboratory Animal Breeding (Dobrá Voda)

Head: Ing. Ivan Pádej


  • Orange highlited parts are working partly or fully in the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) environment (GLP).
  • Scientific structures are marked in white.
  • White-orange rectangles indicates departments that work both on GLP studies and on science projects.
  • PhD. students are marked by *.